February 5, 2023

An All-Matte FOTD With the Buxom Suede Seduction Eyeshadow palette

trying an all-matte makeup look today with the Buxom Suede Seduction Eyeshadow Palette
Yes, you read that ideal — all matte! — which is a big jump for me because, as you people probably know about me by now, I live for the GLOW. I like my eyeshadows sparkly, my blush shimmery and my lips glossy.

But I felt like challenging myself today with a look using all matte products, and the Buxom Suede Seduction Eyeshadow Palette, which is available now at Ulta for $40, has five neutral matte shades.


The subtle shades in the Buxom Suede Seduction Eyeshadow Palette
I really how it turned out! Ich bin überrascht! I think it’s a classic makeup look. I certainly won’t be abandoning my hoard of glowy things, but I can incorporate a lot more matte finishes into my makeup routine. I think this makeup would be very proper for a job interview or for some kind of professional pictures. I remember a while back that Marcella emailed Karen and all of us interns asking for recommendations on makeup for a job interview, and if I’d known about this Buxom palette then, I absolutely would have recommended it!

The shadows are very soft and easy to blend. Plus, the colors aren’t too warm or cool, so they’re incredibly versatile.

Very subtle eyes, with neutral cheeks and lips

A closer look at my eye makeup
And here are some swatches of the palette:


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Swatches of the Buxom Suede Seduction Eyeshadow palette (L to R): Cashmere Craving, Beachfront, invite Only, Trendsetter, Social Scene and hot or Yacht
I think this palette, by the way, is a classic. The powders are highly pigmented, but the colors aren’t very saturated. This is the kipalette you want when you need to blend out other bolder shades, or when you want a very understated makeup look.

I like the subtle class of the Buxom Suede Seduction Eyeshadow Palette
Sure, these eyeshadows don’t get my pulse racing at a quick glance, but it’s always great to have neutral matte shades on hand for blending out bolder colors. I also like that this palette comes with a tiny double-ended brush.

To be honest, a lot of of the time I completely neglect the brushes that come with eyeshadow palettes, but I actually like this one. It is small, but it works! The pencil shape is good for smudging color along the lower lash line, like I did in this look.

Here’s a comparison of the double-ended brush that comes with the eyeshadow palette and a MAC pencil brush:

The double-ended Buxom brush compared to a MAC pencil brush


And here’s the deets on the rest of my makeup:

Dior appeal Diorskin nude Air healthy glow Serum foundation SPF 20 in shade 040 //  Dior Beauty Skinflash radiance Booster Pen in 45 // Zoeva Luxe color blush in Burning Up // urban Decay Matte Lipstick in 1993 // Glossier kid Brow in Black // Dior appeal Diorshow Lash-Extension effect volume Mascara in 088 pro Anthracite (also pointed out in this post).

Was ist mit Ihnen? Do you like matte or glow? Or are you an equal opportunity makeup lover who likes a bit of both?

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